Starting & Charging

Your vehicle’s starting and charging system is a combination of 7 different components that work together to start your vehicle.  Simply put, your starting and charging system allows the conversion of chemical energy from your battery to be converted into electrical energy which then power components in your car.

A healthy starting & charging system works like this.  When your vehicle’s key is turned or the start button is pressed an electrical signal is sent from the ignition to the starter through your vehicle’s fuses and relays.  When the starter engages the flywheel of the engine is engaged to begin the flow of an air and fuel mixture into the engine’s combustion chamber.  Once the engine is started the serpentine belt is engaged which drives the alternator to charge the battery. 

This efficient system of components keeps your car running effectively, until it doesn’t.  If your vehicle is having a hard time starting, don’t wait until you are stuck…contact us today for an inspection. Call 763-559-9898.


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