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March 18, 2016
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Tips to Improve the Fuel Mileage of your Vehicle




It is important to go to regularly scheduled maintenances for your vehicle. This can help to determine if parts or components of the vehicle need to be repaired or replaced. If there is an issue with the vehicle between visits, it is recommended you bring it in as soon as possible. This way the issue can be resolved before further damage is done to the part of the vehicle. This can reduce the chance of an unexpected breakdown as well. By having the vehicle maintained, it can decrease the possibility of a costly repair bill in the future. Regular maintenances can also help to improve the fuel mileage for your vehicle.


To help improve the mileage, there are some steps you can do to help increase the fuel efficiency when you drive. Having added weight in your vehicle significantly decreases the fuel mileage. Always check your tire pressure and for proper tire inflation. Having an underinflated tire will result in poor fuel mileage because your vehicle has to work harder. Also make sure to watch the speed when you drive. All vehicles have an optimum fuel consumption speed, which is where the car can travel the farthest and use the least amount of fuel. Going too fast and changing your speed a lot can hinder your fuel mileage, it is best to set your cruise control. The cruise control helps to ensure that you are always going at a constant speed and are not risking going too fast. Keeping your speed steady will save you gallons of fuel and also make for a smoother more comfortable ride.


Hybrid cars use an electric motor which stores energy that would otherwise be wasted during braking or when driving downhill. Depending on the type of hybrid system used, hybrid cars can achieve as much as 200 miles per gallon or more. If you ever notice poor fuel mileage, make sure to schedule an appointment so we can inspect the vehicle for you. This can help you to have an enjoyable drive.

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