Maple Grove MN Steering and Suspension

September 9, 2013

Shocks and Struts on your vehicle

The shocks and struts are an important component for your vehicle. They help to provide you with the most comfortable ride by supporting the force of bumps and potholes you drive over. Without shocks and struts, all the bumps and vibrations encountered with everyday driving would be felt. What the Shocks do The shocks of your vehicle help to absorb the bumps you hit with your vehicle. It helps to stabilize your vehicle, as well as to have it ride evenly by keeping the tires on the ground. They help keep the tires from bouncing and losing contact with the road. They also help to keep the body weight from shifting and rolling, which may lead to a loss of vehicle control or handling. Shocks that are in good condition can help the vehicle to maintain traction on the road. It also helps to stabilize your vehicle when stopping, turning, or encountering accidental bumps and potholes. Each tire has a shock connected to the suspension on the vehicle’s frame. The hydraulic cylinders provide motion damping by restricting the fluid flow through a series of internal valves. As the wheel moves, the shock valve slows and stabilizes the movements. Why the Struts are important The struts are the parts that attach the suspension to the vehicle. It also helps to insulate the tire noises and vibrations from the vehicle. Most of the front strut mounts contain a bearing plate that serves as the steering pivot. This bearing affects the steering movement smoothness and response. As the vehicle goes over bumps, the up and down impact will push and pull at the strut mount. This cushions these impacts to reduce jarring that can be transmitted into the vehicle. With age and everyday wear, these struts can begin to deteriorate and will need replacing soon. You can notice this because more noises and vibrations will become evident when you are driving. Clunking noises, loose, stiff or noisy steering can be other signs that a strut is going out. You can look at the tires for alignment or wearing issues. You can also inspect the strut itself for any corrosion that may be on it. If you notice any of these signs, make sure to bring your vehicle in so we can inspect it and locate the issue. Benefits of proper Shocks and Struts The biggest benefit is it will provide a nice, comfortable ride for everyone in your vehicle. It will also help eliminate excessive bouncing that occurs with every little pothole or small bump you hit. If you have shocks and struts that have worn away, you are not at risk for your safety while driving. It does however increase the distance it takes you to stop your vehicle on rough or bumpy roads. This is because there is increased sway due to weak shocks or struts. This also increases the risk of skidding on wet or slick surfaces. The worn shocks and struts can lead to suspension wear on your vehicle.