How to Maintain your Vehicle

January 20, 2014

The Importance of Regular Maintenances for your vehicle

Since owning a vehicle is a large investment, it is wise to make sure you maintain it. Going to regularly scheduled maintenances can help you have the vehicle last as long as possible. It can assist in extending the road life of the vehicle and tires. Vehicles that are well maintained can also have better fuel efficiency. This can help save you money on repair bills, as well as at the pump. By bringing your vehicle in, we can set up a schedule for when various components and parts will need to be changed or repaired. Some maintenance items need to be done more frequently than others do. Having a well maintained vehicle can help save you time, money, and stress. It can also help provide a more pleasant driving experience. Maintaining the Tires of your Vehicle Another important part of the vehicle to maintain is the tires. The tires should be inspected regularly in the winter to help ensure the adequate amount of air pressure is in them. In the winter, the tires can lose as much as a pound of air pressure for every decrease of ten degrees in temperature. The tires should also be balanced and rotated regularly. This can help to prevent uneven wearing of the tires. It can also help to prevent problems like bald or flat spots. The tires should also be inspected to see when an alignment is needed. This can help prolong the length of the tires, as well as allow better fuel efficiency for your vehicle. The Belts should be inspected When the vehicle is maintained, the belts and hoses should also be looked at. The timing belt should be inspected for any wear or damage it might have. If the timing belt breaks, it could cause severe damage to valves, pistons, or even the engine. The hoses and surrounding components should also be inspected. The hose clamps should be checked to ensure they are not rusted or damaged. Inspect the Brakes of the vehicle Make sure to bring your vehicle in for scheduled maintenances for the brakes. The brake system is one of the most important systems of your vehicle. It allows you to stop safely when traveling. The brake pads and brake rotors will also be inspected to see what condition they are in. If you notice anything out of the norm between visits, make sure to bring your vehicle in as soon as you possible. This way you can help to ensure a safe and reliable vehicle when you drive. Inspect and change the fluids The fluids should also be inspected to ensure they are at the appropriate level they should be at. This also includes the oil. One of the easiest maintenances for your vehicle is to have the oil and oil filter changed. Having the oil changed is crucial for helping the engine and other moving parts operate as efficiently as possible. It can help prevent the build up of debris and contaminants that might pass through and become an issue for the engine.