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October 13, 2016
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Why Oil is Needed for Your Vehicle


The oil is needed for your vehicle because it lubricates the engines and moving parts of it. Over time the oil will get old and need to be changed. It is important to contact us and we can recommend an oil change schedule for your vehicle based on your vehicle and where you drive. Without oil, your vehicle will not operate properly, and the engine will eventually seize up.
If you notice any signs of a leak, make sure to bring the vehicle in. If the oil is leaking it can cost more than normal because you will have to refill it often. It can also cause the parts to wear against one another and need to be replaced sooner than they typically should. Make sure to check the oil in your vehicle regularly and before any long trip you might go on. This can help keep the vehicle at top performance levels. It is also recommended to have an extra quart or two of oil in the back seat of your car. This way if the oil light comes on, you are able to top it off without the worry of trying to find a place to purchase the oil.


When the oil is changed, the oil filter should also be inspected. If it is clogged, it should be replaced to help ensure the efficiency of your vehicle. An oil filter will typically be replaced on every other oil change. The filter will help collect the pollutants and dirt as the oil passes through the filter. This prevents these particles from damaging the parts of the engine. No matter if you need an oil change, or want the vehicle to be inspected for general safety, bring it in so we can help provide you with a safe and reliable driving experience. This can also help keep your vehicle lasting as long as possible.

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