January 12, 2018

Ways to Notice an Issue with the Radiator

Proper maintenance of your vehicle is important. The first sign that there is an issue with the cooling system in your vehicle will often come from the temperature gauge. If your vehicle has been running consistently warmer or has recently begun having issues with overheating, there is likely an issue with the cooling system. The temperature gauge in your vehicle should have an acceptable operating range. Even if your vehicle is not overheating but has been running at the higher end of the operating range, there may be an issue. If your vehicle is running with the temperature gauge in the red, it is overheating. Pull over and shut off the vehicle. Issues with the cooling system can also cause the engine to run cold. In that case, the temperature gauge will remain in the blue.   Another early indicator of a problem with your cooling system may be the check engine light on your dashboard. Your check engine light comes on when one of the sensors in your car sends a message to it. Many vehicles have dash board lights that will notify you of low coolant levels or extreme engine temperatures as well.   Leaks are a common issue in coolant systems. If you spot a puddle beneath your vehicle, there‚Äôs a chance that it may be the result of a coolant leak. Oil is often brown or black, water from the air conditioner will be clear, and coolant will likely be green, pink or orange. A leak in your coolant system can cause it to fail to maintain proper temperature in the engine. If you suspect that your vehicle has a coolant leak, pop the hood when the engine is cool and look at your coolant reservoir. The reservoir will have lines indicating the minimum and maximum coolant capacity for your vehicle. Take note of the level the coolant reaches on the reservoir, then check again in a few days. If it has gone down, the coolant is either leaking or being burned. If you notice an issue with the radiator or your vehicle overheating, make sure to contact us so we can inspect it for you.