October 9, 2017

Battery Maintenance tips for your vehicle

  To help ensure your vehicle is reliable and safe, be sure to inspect the battery on it. This is important because without the battery, your vehicle cannot go anywhere. It will not even be able to start. If you notice anything out of the norm with the battery or vehicle, it is best to bring it in as soon as you can. This can help to prevent an unexpected breakdown when you would least expect it. By going to regular maintenances we can also inspect the battery for you. This can alert you to if an issue is starting to form with it. If the battery goes dead completely, you will not be able to drive your vehicle to your destination. The age of the battery is also important. As they get older, the chance for the battery draining will increase. You can also bring the vehicle in and we can test the battery for you. This can help to know the exact condition it is in.     One way to help improve the condition of the battery is to make sure it is clean. The battery should be inspected to ensure there is not any buildup of grime or debris on it. This can lead to a poor connection between the battery and the rest of the vehicle. Check the posts and terminals of the battery as well. This can help to ensure they are as clean as possible. If you notice that there is rust or corrosion on them, it may be time to have the battery replaced. If you notice any damage or issues with the battery, make sure to bring the vehicle in as soon as you can. We can then inspect the battery for you.     Another way to determine if the battery has an issue is by how your vehicle starts. If it becomes difficult to start, it could mean the battery is losing power. Poor starting could also be a sign of a bad alternator. If the vehicle does not start at all, a new battery may be needed. It is best to have a professional inspect it. We can then look at the battery and other parts to make sure they are efficient and effective. If one part starts to wear out, it can do damage to other nearby parts of the vehicle.    
September 14, 2017

Signs that the Vehicle Needs a New Battery

  The most obvious sign that your battery may be encountering issues is if the battery light illuminates on your dashboard. Most vehicles have a light on the dashboard that will turn on as the battery is becoming faulty or going bad. As the battery nears the end of power it has, the dashboard light will be on constantly, or even be flashing. The battery warning light does not always indicate a battery that is dying. It does however appear when there is a problem with the battery.   Another way you can notice if there might be an issue with the battery is by observing the electrical system of your vehicle. This includes the headlights, radio, fuel injection system, and the heating or air conditioning system. When the battery starts to go dead, all of these things will lessen in function when the vehicle is running. The more electrical items that are running the harder it will be to start your vehicle. It will also be hard to keep your vehicle running, as it may start to stall out. If you notice the headlights starting to become weaker, chances are the battery may be starting to drain.   If your vehicle does not start, or even has trouble starting, this may be related to the battery starting to go bad. When you turn the ignition to start the vehicle, you may hear a noise that sound like clicking or ticking. This can be a strong indication that the battery has been drained.   On average, most batteries last from two to five years. If you have had the same battery for more than five years, and your vehicle is starting to lose power, it is more than likely the battery. If your vehicle has been sitting for a long length of time, the battery may have worn out naturally. Not starting the engine can decrease the life span of the battery greatly. One way to know for sure is to have the battery tested to see if it is still viable. Make sure to bring the vehicle in at the first sign of an issue with the battery, that way it can help prevent further issues from forming in the long run.
June 20, 2017

Signs the Battery is Failing

  If the vehicle is slow to crank when starting, it is sign the battery may be wearing out. There may also be dimming of the display or backlighting on the dashboard. A poorly charged battery will also tend to show significant dimming for the headlights when you start your vehicle.     If there is an issue with the battery, it may be due to poor battery terminals. These should be regularly inspected to make sure they are not broken or damaged. Also there should not be any corrosion on them. Corrosion on the terminals is commonly caused by electrolysis from the different metals on the terminals and battery cables. It can also occur when there is an imperfect seal between terminal posts and the plastic casing. This can allow sulfuric acid to build up on the terminal posts.     A battery that is beginning to lose its charge can cause issues with the vehicle starting. This is especially common for a vehicle that has sat without being driven for a few hours. If the vehicle is struggling to turn over but the engine is able to start up without a problem, the battery is typically the cause. If the battery has an extremely low charge, there may be a clicking noise when you try to start up the engine. It will also result in the vehicle not starting because the power in the battery is so low.     Dimming headlights on your vehicle may indicate a poor battery. You might notice if the headlights are dimmer than they used to be, especially driving when it is dark out. Another sign is if the headlights fade while the vehicle is being started, or just after it has started. If you notice dimmer headlights or if they are dimming as you travel, make sure to bring your vehicle in a soon as possible so we can inspect it over for any issues.     Another way to tell if the battery is dying is to turn the key in the ignition until the electrical accessories turn on. These include the radio or power windows. If the battery is running low, some or all of these accessories will be slow and sluggish. The windows will roll up or down slower than normal. If the accessories do not come on at all, the battery is completely dead and will need to be recharged or replaced.
March 31, 2017

Knowing when to Replace the Battery

  There can be some signs to look for if the battery starts to wear out. You can also bring your vehicle in and we can inspect the battery for you. That way you can help to ensure the vehicle will be as reliable as possible for when you might need to use it. By bringing the vehicle in at the first sign of an issue, you can help to prevent a larger issue from developing later.       Having the chemical reaction disrupted can affect how the battery will work. Vibrations from traveling over rough roads could lead to a poorly secured battery. The battery could shake loose or damage the plates and other components around it. Also, extreme cold temperatures can also lead to the battery dying because of a shortened life. It is important to also adjust some driving habits you may have. Since starting the vehicle takes a huge jolt of electricity, the charging system has to help to replenish the battery. Short commutes or short trips cause the battery harm because it is unable to get fully charged.     You might be able to notice a sign that the battery is starting to wear out. The most obvious sign of trouble is a dead battery. If you suspect that the battery is starting to go out, make sure to bring the vehicle in as soon as possible. Sometimes the issue is with the electrical system or alternator. This can result in the battery providing less electricity than it should. We can inspect the vehicle and battery to make sure it is operating the best it can be. It is also recommended to inspect the battery itself. If it has corrosion or stains on the battery, it could mean that you have a leak. Check for any buildup of debris or other dirt around the terminals as well. You may also notice an issue with the battery if you smell a foul odor. A smell of sulfur could mean that the battery is overheating.       When it comes time to replace the battery, it can be a fairly simple and quick procedure. Make sure to bring your vehicle in and we can help to advise you on what type of batteries you can choose from. Knowing the age of the battery is important. Once it becomes older, the battery will be more likely to go out. When you bring the vehicle in, we can inspect the battery for what condition it is in.
December 20, 2016

Why the Battery is Important

  The way the vehicle is powered is from the electric energy that the battery creates. With a poor battery, your vehicle starts to become unreliable. There are signs that the battery may need to be recharged or replaced fairly soon. If there are slow starts, you may want to bring it in so we can test the charge power of the battery. It is important to note that when the battery is not being used, is can still lose energy. Even without the battery being used, it will self discharge over time. The rate of the battery discharging can vary based on the temperature it is kept at. By using your vehicle on a regular basis you can help preserve the life and condition of the battery.   The most important part for the battery is to supply power to start your vehicle, and keep it in operation. If the battery is low or weak, it will not be able to provide enough power to the starter. This is an issue because the engine will not have enough power to start, and you will need to have the battery jumped or repaired in order to drive.   The battery also powers the electronics and accessories in your vehicle. The interior lights, headlights, radio, and other accessories all run off power that the battery supplies. If you notice the battery becoming weak, turn off as many accessories as you can so you can help the battery power the vehicle. The battery also powers the control module that operates your vehicle. If the battery voltage drops too low, it can cause issues and problems with the vehicle’s electronic components.   You can help preserve the life of your battery by simply keeping it clean. Visually inspect the battery on a regular basis. While looking at it, make sure to check for any signs of corrosion. If it has corrosion, it can eventually lead to a weak battery. It may also cause the battery to wear out quicker than it should. Also check for any dirt or debris buildup that may be on the battery or terminals. This can affect the connection of the battery supplying the power.   The frequency of which you start your vehicle can affect it too. The more times each day the vehicle is started, the shorter the battery’s life will be. Try to make trips all at once, rather than several short drives. It is better to drive longer distances than shorter ones. Also make sure to bring your vehicle in, and we can inspect the battery on a regular schedule to ensure it is in the best condition possible.