Battery in Winter

January 9, 2018

Having an Efficient Battery this Winter

  One way to keep your battery in the best condition possible is to make sure to go to regularly scheduled maintenances. We can inspect the battery on a routine basis to ensure it is in the best operating condition possible. By having the battery inspected, you can help reduce the chance of your vehicle not starting when you may need it. No matter if you need your vehicle for a daily commute or emergency situation, you will always want it to have a trouble free start.     Check the battery for any cracks or puncture marks on it. If the battery case is cracked, it may cause the battery to leak. If the battery begins to leak, it may need to be replaced sooner than expected. If you notice any damage on the battery, make sure to bring it in so we can inspect it for any issues. We can advise you with what your options are to repair the battery, or if a new battery may be needed. Also check the terminals of the battery to ensure they are not broken or damaged. If the terminals are damaged it may affect how the battery supplies the power to your vehicle. You may experience the battery losing its charge when you may need it.     When you inspect the battery, also make sure it is clean. Any dirt or debris that you find on the battery should be removed. A buildup of dirt, leaves, or other debris can result in the battery being inefficient when it needs to hold a charge. The buildup can also cause damage if it is on the terminals. Also make sure the battery is free of any corrosion buildup on it. Corrosion can lead to a poor connection with the battery.   In the winter the colder temperatures are harder on the battery. Make sure to turn off everything before starting your vehicle. This way all the power from the battery will go to making sure the vehicle starts. If you have the radio, lights, GPS, heater, and windshield wipers all working, the vehicle will be harder to start. Also remember to warm the vehicle up a few minutes to ensure that the oil will properly lubricate the engine. If you notice an issue, scheduling an appointment with us is recommended.