Asian Car Models

June 5, 2013

Is the Asian Car Model Better?

Many people are celebrating the spring season with a new car. Whether the car is showroom-floor new or pre-owned but clean, the decision to buy a car is not one that should be taken lightly. With so many makes and models available, it may be daunting to find the right one. One decision that causes some debate is whether you should buy an Asian car model or a domestic car. Many people have declared that the Asian cars are better than American cars and they point to all of the awards and accolades that the Asian carmakers receive annually. Now that the American carmakers have made some major improvements, can the argument that Asian cars are better still be made? Asian Cars and Fuel Efficiency American consumers have been singing the praises the fuel efficiency of Asian cars. During the time when Americans were in love with the huge sport utility vehicles, Asian and European car models were creating cars that helped the buyer save money at the fuel pump. As gas prices started to rise, the sport utility vehicles slowly fell out of favor as people began searching for fuel-efficient cars. The Asian cars were already in tune with this new spirit and as a result, they gained an enormous lead over the American cars. Over the past decade or so, domestic cars have struggled to compete in this department and have gained considerable ground in recent years. The disparity in gas consumption between the import car and domestic car became smaller and smaller. Asian Cars and Reliability Along with good fuel economy, Asian cars have also enjoyed a reputation of being very reliable. However, with the technological advances that have been made in the automotive industry in America, domestic cars are becoming just as reliable as the imports. Parts are being made of material that is more durable and car design has become more responsive to not only the needs of the consumer but also the demands of the industry. Environmental concerns and other issues have pushed the car industry to create a more reliable car that will last longer on the road and create fewer emissions. Improvements in reliability have also led to increases in resale value. Asian cars usually command a higher resale value than domestic cars, and part of that is because of its reputation for being reliable. Does it Really Matter in the End? Many reports announce that the Asian car model is slowly falling out of grace because of some hiccups in production and some manufacturing issues that have affected the quality of these cars. American cars are now poised to claim the top spot for producing reliable, safe, fuel-efficient cars with a more generous resale value. Is the Asian car model better? For now, they may be, but the American car model is providing stiff competition. In the end, whether you own a domestic car, or an Asian or even a European car model, you can still have a reliable, safe car if you stick to a regular general maintenance schedule. If you keep your maintained, you will be able to coast through spring and straight into summer.