February 27, 2017

Drive Carefully to Prolong the Life of your Vehicle

  It is also important to go to regular scheduled maintenances. We can inspect the vehicle for you and help to determine if any parts are starting to show signs of wear or tear on them. Having the vehicle maintained properly can also help to prevent an unexpected or high repair bill. If there is an issue you notice with the vehicle between visits, make sure to bring it in as soon as possible. This way the vehicle can be as safe and reliable as possible for when you might need it.     Make sure to keep the correct amount of distance between you and the vehicles around you. Normally you should leave at least three seconds between you and the vehicle in front of you. When the roads and weather become worse, the distance should be doubled or tripled. Try not to accelerate or brake fast. This can help to prevent the vehicle from spinning or sliding. It can also help preserve the brakes when you drive. Slamming on the brakes can cause the brake lines to wear out sooner than they should.     When you drive, one of the most important factors is the visibility. Make sure the windshield is clean and clear of any damage or build up of precipitation. The windshield wipers should also be inspected to ensure they could wipe the windshield clean when you drive. Also, make sure all the windows, including the mirrors are scraped off. This can help the visibility, as well as preventing an accident. Build up of ice or snow could fly off and hit vehicles around you. Also make sure that the lights are operating properly. If a bulb needs replacing, make sure to bring the vehicle in. The lights help you to see, as well as help others to see where you are.     The vehicle should be inspected before you drive. Check the tires to make sure they are properly inflated. Tires at the correct air pressure can help to improve the fuel mileage of your vehicle when you drive. If you are uncertain about the condition of the tires, make sure to bring the vehicle in and we can inspect it for you. This can help to provide a safe and reliable ride for you again.
February 20, 2017

Why Driving at the Posted Speed is Important

    No matter if you travel long or short distances, driving at the posted speed limit can help to save you money. In addition, driving at the recommended speed is a safe choice and can also help save on the wear and tear of your vehicle. This can help to preserve the life and length of your vehicle’s parts. By doing this, along with going to your regularly scheduled maintenances, you can reduce the chance of having to prematurely replace your vehicle’s parts. Most importantly, driving at the posted speed can help in the safety of you, as well as those around you.     By driving the speed limit, you are helping your vehicle to be more fuel-efficient. As a rule, research indicates that your gas mileage will start to decrease once you exceed 60 miles per hour. In addition, keeping your vehicle in the best operating condition will help you to increase the fuel-efficiency as well. A well maintained vehicle could increase the fuel efficiency as much as 30 percent.     If you drive at the posted speed limit, you cannot only save on fuel-efficiency, but you can save on the wear and tear of your vehicle as well. If you drive at high speeds you will wear down and deteriorate your brakes faster than if you drive the recommended speed. Also, if you see a stoplight, stop sign, or traffic ahead, it is always best to slow down gradually so you can apply the brakes easier than if you are forced to slam on them at the last moment. Since the brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle, you want to do as much as you can to keep them lasting as long as possible, as well as in the best condition. Gradual starts and stops save money on fuel as well as reduce wear and tear on your vehicle.
February 9, 2017

Issues that Winter Weather can Cause for Your Vehicle

    When driving, it is always best to keep your vehicle in the best condition possible. This is important because you will be able to reduce the chance of an accident occurring. Without proper inspections, your vehicle will be more likely to have an issue occur when you are not prepared for it. If you notice anything out of the norm, make sure to bring the vehicle in as soon as possible. Poor Visibility Winter driving can be more difficult than driving during other times of the year. This is because snow and rain can stick to your window, and start to turn to ice. This will impair your visibility when you are driving. Make sure to remove all the snow, ice, and frost from your windows. The headlights should also be inspected. If they burn out, make sure to have them replaced over time to help improve the visibility when you drive. Dead Battery Another part to inspected for the vehicle is the battery. Cold weather can impair an aging battery’s ability to start your vehicle, especially when temperatures dip below freezing. If you are not buying a new battery, consider giving your current battery an inspection. Check the lead connections for corrosion and clean them as needed with a wire brush. You may consider investing in a portable power source, which can deliver the juice needed to jump-start your vehicle should you get stranded, and at the very least, never leave home without a set of jumper cables. Low Tire Pressure Tire pressure should be checked monthly, but this is doubly true in colder weather. Cool temperature changes air pressure, and tires with plenty of air in the summer will show less pressure in winter simply due to the change in atmospheric pressure. When inflating your tires, use the pressure indicated in your manual, or on the label inside the driver’s side door. Never use pressures indicated on the tire sidewall. Rust Forming due to Salt With winter comes road treatment, which usually means rock salt or salty brine sprayed on roads. While this is very effective at keeping the roads safe from ice, salt is also quite corrosive and can damage the finish of your vehicle if left for too long. Regular visits to the car wash are highly recommended to keep this stuff from doing too much damage. And do not neglect the undercarriage of the vehicle. A lot of road muck ends up on the undercarriage, which is easy to overlook, so do your best to clean under there, too. Remember, once rust takes hold, it is a problem eating at the body, frame and critical parts of the vehicle. Keep the corrosive beast at bay with diligent cleaning. Keeping the vehicle clean can help reduce rust occurring. It will also keep the vehicle lasting as long as possible.
February 2, 2017

Knowing When to Replace the Windshield Wipers

When driving, one of the most important things is the visibility you have. This is to help you avoid an accident or hitting something. While it might be easy to opt for the lost cost windshield wipers and parts, this could end up costing you more in the future. Cheaper parts would have to be replaced more frequently. You would also run the risk that they war out and do not provide you with the best visibility when they operate. Make sure to notice the signs that the windshield wipers could be going out. This can help you to have the cleanest window possible when you drive. The blades of a windshield wiper are important components that hold the wiper in place. Though drivers tend to pay very little attention to the blades in the windshield wipers, research shows that the more efficient the wipers are, the safer you are in the automobile. This is because of a clear and unobstructed field of vision. There are different factors that affect the performance and the shelf life of the blades. A few of them include the slope of the wiper, which makes blades more exposed to air and incoming moisture. Also the squeegee effect that is caused due to the spring tension in the blade arms, which can be prevented by using optimum windshield wiper fluid. The material of the blade and the claws that hold the blade and transmit pressure are important to inspect as well. It is recommended to change the windshield wipers at least once every six months. Typically, people will change them at the start of fall and at the beginning of spring. While you replace your windshield wipers, do not forget to buy the latest technology wipers that have wonderful performance and are branded. When you are looking to shop for your windshield wiper replacements, you must also keep in mind about performing a diligent check on the other system components. Recommended checks in your vehicle include the levels of the windshield wiper fluid, windshield water pump and hoses, rear wiper equipment, front side and headlight wiper replacements, wiper motor efficiency, and others. Checking the windshield wipers will also help provide you with a safe and reliable ride when you drive this winter.