September 26, 2016

Know what the Brake System Includes

  To help keep your brakes working as well as possible, the brake rotors and brake pads need to be in good condition as well. It is important to go to regularly scheduled maintenances for your vehicle so we can help determine if any part of your brake system is in need of repairing. While checking the brakes, we will also look at the brake rotors and brake pads. By having your brake system inspected at regular intervals, you can help to prevent a major and costly repair in the future. If the brake rotors start to fail, the chances are the brake pads have already worn down so the metal holding the pad in place is rubbing against the rotor.   When the brake system is inspected, two key parts that are looked at are the brake rotors and brake pads. The brake pads create friction that is converted from the energy of the vehicle to thermal energy. The brake pad is then heated up in contact with the brake rotor. This starts to transfer small amounts of friction to the rotors of your vehicle.   A majority of the stopping power for your vehicle is the friction that is created between the rotors and pads. Fluid from the master cylinder is also forced into a caliper, where it then presses against the pistons. Then it will squeeze two brake pads against a rotor, which is attached to the wheel, and then slows down the wheel or forces it to stop. If the brake pads are worn out, it can cause scratches and damage to the brake rotors. If you continue to drive with worn out brake pads it will only make things worse and you run the risk of damaging more parts to your brake system.   There are several ways that brake rotors can wear out. The most common is excessive rust in the rotors. Small amounts of rust are normal in the rotor, but sometimes you may need to replace the rotor because it has an extreme amount of rust. Another factor in the rotors wearing out is that the rotor will begin to warp. Excessive heat can cause uneven expansions of the braking surface. You will notice if the rotors are warped because you will feel vibrations in the steering wheel when you apply the brakes.   The biggest indicator for needing new brake pads is if you hear a squealing noise when you apply the brakes. This is caused from when the pads grind against the rotor, making for metal-to-metal contact. If the brake pads are severely worn down, a circular shaped mark or groove is made on the brake rotor. If you ever notice anything out of the norm, make sure to bring the vehicle in so we can inspect it for you.
September 15, 2016

Checking the Emissions for your Vehicle

  To help maintain your vehicle properly, make sure that it is brought in for an inspection on a regular basis. When we inspect it, we can also check for the emissions it produces. Every vehicle will put out some type of emissions. Whether it is directly from the engine or it comes out the exhaust system, there will be some residue from the running engine to deal with. Most vehicles manufactured these days are meant to run a pretty clean engine, when they are in peak operating condition. Older cars or ones that are not in good repair might not have such a great emissions history with the exhaust system. Taking it in for a test by a professional is the one way to find out or simply look at your exhaust pipe as it warms up in the driveway. Emissions are toxins and pollutants released by the engine of the vehicle. Certain states have heavy restrictions on how many emissions your vehicle can release without getting a ticket. They need to be inspected annually and get a sticker that says they made it through the testing process and be paid. When you are not inspected and happen to get pulled over by a police officer for another traffic violation, then they can also write you a ticket for not have an emissions sticker on your car. If you are uncertain about the emissions in your vehicle, make sure to bring it in so we can inspect it for you. To get your vehicle tested for its emissions, you simply make an appointment with us so we can do the certified testing. Then we will hook up special machinery to the exhaust system of your vehicle. It will be turned on and then monitor the air output from the exhaust. The machine will run for a few minutes and then be turned off. A computer print out from the emissions test will then be read and it details the parts per million (PPM) that are released from your vehicle. This can help to identified if it is economically friendly and what emissions are produced. If you ever have any questions, make sure to bring the vehicle in and we can test the emissions for you. This can make for a safe and pleasant driving experience.
September 8, 2016

Warning Lights might indicate an Issue with your vehicle

  The best way to make sure your vehicle lasts as long as possible is to take it to regularly scheduled maintenances. It can also help to prevent wear and tear on other parts of the vehicle. By going to regular maintenances, you can help save time, money, and stress in the long run. If you notice any warning lights illuminate between visits, make sure to bring your vehicle in as soon as possible.   If the Brake Warning Light Illuminates   One of the warning lights to be aware of is the brake warning light that is on the dashboard of your vehicle. If the light illuminates, make sure to bring the vehicle in as soon as possible. You can also check in the owner’s manual to look up what the issue might mean. The light may also illuminate if there is an issue with the hand brake. This can be the issue if you notice the smell of burning brake dust. The light coming on could also indicate that the fluid if the master cylinder is low. If you notice the light coming on, make sure to bring your vehicle in as soon as possible. If the brake light starts blinking, make sure to pull the vehicle over when you can find a safe spot away from traffic. A blinking light could indicate something more serious with your vehicle, like the brakes going out altogether. Warning Light for the Oil of the vehicle If the light comes on, it could indicate that the oil pressure is too low for your vehicle. Low oil pressure is a serious issue for the vehicle. If you continue to drive with the light on, the engine could eventually quit. A failed oil pump can also cause low oil pressure. A blocked oil filter or low oil levels in your vehicle could also cause the light to illuminate. If you notice this light coming on, it could also mean that oil is being burned.   Coolant Warning Light illuminating on the dashboard The light will come on when the coolant in the radiator is low and may need to be topped off. It is important to remember not to open the radiator cap when the engine is hot. The coolant system is pressurized and it could easily release pressure. This could lead to it spraying you with boiling coolant. It is best to inspect the coolant when the engine is cold. You can also bring in the vehicle and we can inspect it for you. If the coolant needs to be topped off, we can also add some to ensure your vehicle will be in an ideal driving condition and reliable again.
September 1, 2016

Getting Your Vehicle Ready for the Upcoming School Year

  Having your car safe and reliable is important. One of the most important things you can do for your vehicle is bring it in for regular maintenance. This way we can inspect the parts and components of it. Over time, the parts will start to show signs of wear and tear. If you notice an issue with the vehicle, make sure to schedule an appointment so we can inspect it for you.   One of the most important things to inspect is the oil. The oil is important because it helps to lubricate the engine and other moving parts of the vehicle. Without oil, the parts will cause strain and stress with one another. This can lead to the vehicle needing to be repaired sooner than it typically should. When the oil is inspected, the filter should be as well. The oil filter helps collect dirt and grime from the oil and it transfers through it.   You can also take some time to check the reservoirs of the other fluids. If there is one that is lower, and it happens more often, bring the vehicle in and we can inspect it for a leak. If you ignore a leak, it can develop into a more serious issue and will need to be repaired. It will eventually be a large and costly repair bill as well.   Also remember to check the tires on your vehicle. These are important because they allow for a smoother and more comfortable ride when you drive. If you notice the tires are not properly inflated, bring it in so we can inspect them for you. The tires and spare tire should be inspected for the proper amount of air pressure, and condition that they are in.