October 23, 2015

Proper Inspection of the Belts and Hoses

  When you inspect your vehicle, it is important to check the belts and hoses as well to make sure they are in good working order. The belts help the engine to run smoothly so the power can be dispersed throughout the vehicle. They also help to have your vehicle operate efficiently and effectively. Sometimes you may be able to see an issue with the belts, but it is always best to bring in your vehicle so we can look at everything. The hoses should also be inspected in your vehicle, as there are several of them. These hoses transport fluid to different areas of your vehicle in order to power it.   The hoses are important to your vehicle, as they assist in your vehicle running well. A hose that leaks can result in your engine overheating or other issues if you choose to ignore it. Hoses work together with the belts to keep the vehicle running efficiently and maintaining proper operating temperature. Make sure the hoses are securely connected to prevent any leaks or other serious issues. The belts are also important to your vehicle, as the timing belt allows the crankshaft to turn the camshaft. If this belt breaks, the engine will stop working completely. This also can cause major damage to your vehicle’s engine. Anytime you notice odd noises or your vehicle is handling strange, bring it in immediately so we can inspect it for any issues that might be going on. With age, the hoses can become hard and brittle due to exposure to the heat. Hoses can also split, blister, or crack. If you notice this, the hoses need to be replaced as soon as possible. By bringing in your vehicle, we look and feel for any areas of the hoses that are mushy, swollen, or folded. Proper maintenance of the hoses can protect your vehicle’s reliability and prevent even more costly repairs down the road.   You may notice that your vehicle’s belts may need to be inspected or replaced soon. If you hear a squealing or other noise coming from under the hood, it may be a loose or damaged belt. If a belt slips or breaks, waiting to have it fixed could possibly cause damage to your vehicle. A damaged belt can cause your power steering to stop working. If the belt comes off at any time, it can cause your engine to lock up, which can be a major issue and expense. While belts break down with heat, mileage, and age, it is a good idea to have regularly scheduled maintenance done to make sure all the belts are in good working order. This can help to have a reliable vehicle when you drive.
October 16, 2015

Reasons why a Battery Loses Charge

  Keeping the vehicle in the best operating performance is important. On occasion, your vehicle’s battery will suddenly lose charge. Sometimes it will gradually begin to weaken and have signs that will be noticeable. Having the battery inspected can help you to know the condition it is in. That way you can help to avoid a possible dead battery when you need it the most. If your vehicle’s battery is starting to lose power, it may be from a number of things. It is important to go to scheduled maintenances regularly so we can inspect it for you. In between visits, you may start to notice how your vehicle is handling or sounds. Anything that is out of the norm should be a good reason to bring your vehicle in. No matter where you are driving to, you will want to make sure your vehicle is maintained in the best condition possible. This will increase the safety of your vehicle as well as the efficiency of it.   Check the Alternator   When the vehicle’s battery is connected properly, it will be able to charge while the vehicle is in use. The alternator is the device that is used to charge the battery while the engine is still running. If the alternator begins to malfunction, the battery will drain. The battery will not charge for future use then. To ensure that the alternator will work properly, it is important to make sure the connection between the battery and the alternator is secure and clean. By bringing in your vehicle, we can inspect the vehicle and alternator to make sure it is working the most efficient way possible.   Why Weather is a Factor   Making sure the battery is clean can help increase the chance of the battery working properly. One of the measurements of the battery’s power is cold amperage. The higher the cold amperage is, the easier the battery will be able to start the vehicle in cold conditions. If the cold amperage is too low, the battery will not be powerful enough to start the vehicle in cold conditions. It is always recommended to bring your battery in so it can be tested to see if it needs a charge, or needs replacing.   Damage to the Battery   Make sure to visually inspect the battery casing. This may have become damaged because of an accident or not being sufficiently secured in the engine. If the battery casing becomes damaged, it may lead to toxic leaks of sulfuric acid or other chemicals. This will cause the battery to lose the charge quickly. If you notice any leaks or cracks, bring your vehicle in as soon as possible. This way we can inspect the battery to see if you are in need of a new one.
October 6, 2015

Improving the Alignment of Your Vehicle

  To help keep your vehicle driving effectively and at top performance levels, make sure to bring it in for regular maintenance inspections. By doing so you can help improve the ride and comfort of it. One thing that can improve the comfort is having the tires aligned on your vehicle. Having the tires properly aligned will mean the vehicle travels smoother and without issues. Aligned tires will also use less gas because the vehicle is able to operate without much fuel to correct the poorly aligned tires. If you drive on roads that are poorly maintained roads or ones that have pot holes, the alignment can be affected. Even hitting the curb can affect the alignment on your vehicle. If you start to notice that the tread is wearing unevenly on the tires, make sure to schedule an appointment to have the vehicle inspected. If there is excessive wear on the inside of the back tires, there could be too much weight in the trunk of the vehicle. Make sure to remove anything that is unnecessary to have. If the tires are uneven in tread wear, it can result in poor fuel mileage when you drive.   There are some indications that you might notice that will help you determine if the alignment is poor. If the vehicle pulls in either direction, it can mean the alignment should be inspected and corrected. Also be aware of any uneven or rapid tire wear you notice. This can determine if the wheels travel straight or not. Also look at the steering wheel as you drive. If it is not straight, the tires are not straight either. Make sure to contact us to schedule an appointment so we can inspect the tires and alignment for you. This can help you to save time, money, and stress in the long run. Having the vehicle inspected can also provide a reliable and comfortable ride for you and your passengers.