August 25, 2014

Improve the Visibility by Inspecting the Vehicle Regularly

Your vehicle is one of the most important investments you will make. It is then important to keep the parts in the best condition possible. If you start to notice issues with the vehicle, it is recommended to bring it in for an inspection. This way we can check for the source of the issue. It is also important to check the vehicle between visits. This can be quick and easy if you know what to look for. Having an inspection done can reduce the amount of money you spend on a repair bill. The Lights are Important for Your Safety One part that is often forgotten about is the electrical system for your vehicle. This includes the interior lights and exterior lights. The headlights, taillights, and blinkers should all be inspected regularly. The lights allow you to see better when you are driving. It can also increase your safety because others will be able to see you and which direction you will be turning. Make sure to pull your vehicle over to a safe spot in order to inspect the lights. Switching the lights from dim to bright is also important. Make sure the lights are aligned and aimed properly. This can help you to illuminate the area in front of you when you drive. Properly aimed lights can also reduce any distractions you might cause to other drivers. You can also bring the vehicle in and we can inspect the lights for you. Remember to Check the Tires The tires should also be inspected. The tires are important because they are the only part that has direct contact between your vehicle and the surface of the road. Make sure that the air pressure is checked and at the correct amount. This can be found in the vehicle owner’s manual. When the tires are at the correct amount, you can help reduce wear on the parts of your vehicle, while also increasing the fuel efficiency. If the tires are under inflated, it can cause them to wear out sooner than they should. It could also cause the vehicle to have poor fuel mileage. If the tires are over inflated, there will be less contact with the surface of the road. Over inflated tires could also cause more bounce when driving, which can result in an uncomfortable ride. Also remember to check the tread on the tires. The tread is important because it grips the surface of the road when you drive. This will lead to better handling and control of the vehicle. Top off the Fluids Before Traveling Before traveling, also remember to check the fluid levels in your vehicle. This helps the vehicle to run at top performance levels when you are driving. Also remember to check the oil. The oil helps to lubricate the moving engine parts. The recommended oil change schedule should also be followed. This helps ensure the vehicle can work efficiently, as well as saving wear and tear on parts.
August 22, 2014

The Importance of Steering and Suspension for your Vehicle

Driving in comfort is important for you and your passengers. If you notice the vehicle is pulling in one direction or the other, make sure to have it inspected. This can help improve the comfort level, as well as the safety of your vehicle. The suspension system is made up of a very complicated network of components that will work together to help provide a comfortable and smooth ride. The suspension is the part of your vehicle that absorbs potholes or bumps you may hit. These bumps can cause excessive wear on parts of your vehicle. If you notice a change in the way your vehicle handles, make sure to contact us. We can inspect the vehicle to ensure the steering and suspension is the best that is should be. Noticing the Steering Wheel Shaking If you notice the steering wheel starting to shake when you drive down the road, there is probably an issue with the suspension system or the tires. Make sure to bring your vehicle in and we can inspect it for you. Having a vibrating feeling could also mean that the wheels are loose. It is always recommended to bring the vehicle at the first sign of an issue. This can prevent further damage and issues being done to the vehicle as well. If there is an issue with the tires, having it aligned can reduce wear and tear on the tires. The tie rod could also be damaged and may need to be replaced. To continue with the safety of your vehicle, make sure to have it inspected as soon as possible. Noises that the Vehicle could Make When the suspension is damaged, you will start to hear a clunking noise when you hit a bump. This could be the cause of damaged or broken struts. It could also mean an issue with the shock absorbers. This could also mean that there is a swaying or bouncing feeling when you drive on roads that are uneven. It is recommended to always be aware of noises your vehicle might make. Problems with the Power Steering Another issue that can happen is with the power steering. If the vehicle makes a screeching sound when you turn the steering wheel, there could be a problem with the power steering. A power steering belt typically causes this. It is the connector between the power steering and the engine. The belt may be loose or worn. A screeching noise could also mean the power steering fluid is low. Make sure to schedule an appointment to bring the vehicle in so we can inspect it properly. We can inspect the vehicle and the issues it may have. Checking the parts completely can help determine if an area is starting to wear. Driving carefully and avoiding potholes can help to alleviate steering and suspension problems with the vehicle. Always make sure to bring your vehicle in for regular maintenances. This is important to help keep the vehicle working at top performance levels. A vehicle that is inspected on a regular basis will be safe and reliable when you travel.
August 20, 2014

3 Things to Know about the Spare Tire

Inspecting the spare tire on a regular basis can be an important task to do. This is because you will have to rely on the spare tire until you can reach a location to have the regular tire repaired or replaced. If the spare tire cannot be driven on, it can increase stress, time, and a costly repair bill. With proper inspections, you can help to ensure the spare tire is in the best condition possible. Sometimes, it may be more cost efficient to replace the spare tire than if it needs frequent repairs. By bringing the vehicle in, we can inspect the spare tire for you and help to recommend the best option for the overall efficiency of the tires. Inspections are important for the Spare Tire In order to reduce time, money, and stress, make sure to schedule regular inspections for the vehicle and the tires. If you are unsure how often you need to come in, contact us and we can recommend a correct schedule for you. By have us inspect the tires, we can notice if any damage has been done to them, this also includes the spare tire. Checking the tire for any puncture marks or cracks is important. Over time, the crack can cause air to leak out of it. We can also check the spare tire for any signs of dry rot. Dry rot can occur because the spare tire is not used as frequently as the other tires. We will also check the spare tires for the tread condition. Making sure there is enough tread can help to handle and control the vehicle better. We will inspect the air pressure in the spare tire. If you notice that the air decreases frequently, there could be a leak in the tire somewhere. How Far to Drive on a Spare Tire If you have to drive on a spare tire, there are few tips that you should know. The spare tire is designed to be a temporary solution to an issue with the regular tires. If the tire becomes flat, you will have to drive on the spare tire in order to have the regular tire repaired. The spare tire should only be driven on for fifty miles. If you drive further than this, you may increase the chance of the tire blowing out. This can result in further stress and a costly repair bill. Know how Fast you can Drive on a Spare Tire Since the spare tire is smaller in size, you will not be able to drive at faster speeds. Try to keep the vehicle to less than fifty miles per hour when you drive. This can help to prevent further damage and issues to the vehicle. The tire can wear out quicker by the faster speeds that you will drive at. If you are unsure about the proper way to drive on a spare tire, make sure to contact us. We can help advise you on the proper recommendations so you have a comfortable and pleasant driving experience.
August 19, 2014

Proper Inspection of the Tires

Inspecting the tires on a regular basis is important. This helps to ensure that you reach your destination with less chance of an issue occurring. If you are planning a vacation, checking the tires is especially important. If you notice an issue with the tires, it is important to bring the vehicle in as soon as you can. This can help prevent further damage happening to the tires. The tires should also be inspected on a regular basis. Regular maintenance is beneficial because a problem can be caught before it causes an issue for other parts of the vehicle. Having the vehicle in for regular maintenances can help reduce a costly repair bill, as well as stress. Check the Air Pressure on the Tires One of the most important things to check is the air pressure. Having proper air pressure can help ensure that the tires can rotate correctly when you travel. If the tires are over inflated or under inflated, it can cause an issue. Tires that are over inflated can have less contact with the surface of the road. This can make for an uncomfortable ride when you are driving. Over inflated tires will also have an increased chance to pick up sharp objects or debris that are on the surface of the road. Under inflated tires are more prone to a blow out happening. This can also result in the vehicle having poor mileage when you drive. If you notice that you have to fill the tires with air frequently, it could mean there is a leak in it somewhere. Make sure to bring the vehicle in and we can inspect it for you. This can help provide a safe and comfortable ride when you travel. The Condition of your Tires is important On a regular basis, the tires should be inspected for what condition they are in. This should be done no matter where you drive. If you are taking a vacation, or if it is just for the daily commute, the tires are important for the safety of you, your passengers, and those around you. You can also bring the vehicle in and we can inspect the tires for you. This can help ensure that the vehicle is as safe as possible. It can also help reduce time, money, and stress in the long run. The Spare Tire should be inspected as well To help ensure that you are prepared for any emergency, make sure that the spare tire is also checked on the vehicle. This should be done when you inspect the regular tires. Checking the spare tire is an important part, but also one of the most forgotten about parts. If a regular tire goes flat, then you will have to rely on the spare tire to get you to your destination. The spare tire should be checked for the correct amount of air pressure in it. The tread should also be inspected. Make sure that there is enough tread and that the tire does not have flat or bald spots on it. You can also bring the vehicle in and we can check the spare tire if you have any questions or concerns about it. This way you can be prepared for if you might need to drive on it.