March 24, 2014

Car Care Tips Everyone Should Know

Since owning a vehicle is one of the largest investments you will make, it is important to know how to care and maintain it. The parts and components of the vehicle work together in order to have it run efficiently and effectively. One of the most important things you can do is to go to scheduled maintenances. This can help keep the parts working as well as possible. If a part has worn out, we can replace it to help get the vehicle back to an efficient condition. It is also important to have the tires inspected regularly. By maintaining the vehicle correctly, you can help to have a nice and enjoyable ride. What to check on the Tires When you inspect the tires, the first thing to check is the air pressure. This is important because a tire that is under inflated or over inflated can lead to issues when driving. Under inflated tires could lead to a blowout unexpectedly. It can also cause the vehicle to have poor fuel efficiency when you drive. Tires that are over inflated will have less contact with the surface of the road. This could lead to poor handling when you drive. The tread of the tires should also be checked on all the tires. A good amount of tread is important because this is what helps to grip the road, and provide you with better handling of the vehicle. If you are unsure if the tread has the right amount, just use a penny. Place it head down in the tread of the tire. If you see the top of Lincoln’s head, there is not enough tread to drive safely. This could cause the vehicle to slip and slide if it is driven on wet roads. You can also bring the vehicle in and we can inspect the tread on the tires for you. Change the Oil when it is recommended Another important task to have done is an oil change. It is critical to have the oil changed when it is recommended. The old and dirty oil can be removed from the vehicle. This can help prevent dirt and grime from traveling through the engine. The new clean oil will be able to lubricate the engine and other moving parts efficiently. It is also important to have the oil filter checked. If it has become old and clogged with dirt and contaminants, it should be replaced when an oil change is done. We can also inspect the oil filter and recommend when a new one would be needed. Make sure to go to Regularly Scheduled Maintenances  To help prevent a large and costly repair bill, make sure to go to regular maintenances. This should be done based on the recommendations of the manufacturer. If you are unsure how often parts should be inspected, make sure to bring the vehicle in and we can help to set up a schedule. This can help the parts to work effectively with one another. If a part has worn out, it could result in damage to other nearby parts. Proper maintenance can also help with the safety and reliability of the vehicle.
March 18, 2014

Signs that the Brakes are starting to go out

A vehicle has many parts and components that help it to operate efficiently. One of most important parts of the vehicle is the brake system. Make sure to go to regular maintenances for the vehicle. The brakes can be inspected regularly for how they are wearing. If they are in poor condition, parts of the brake system can be replaced. This can help to make for a safe and reliable ride when you drive. There could be some signs that the brakes are starting to wear out. If you notice any of these signs, make sure to bring your vehicle in as soon as you can. This can help to prevent a further issue from forming in the future. If there is a sign that there is a lack of the brakes, make sure to bring the vehicle in immediately. This can help to increase the safety when you drive. Squealing noises that you might hear When driving, you might be able to notice some beginning issues of something that is wrong with the brake system. One of the most common signs could be any squealing or screeching noise you hear when you apply the brake pedal on your vehicle. This can indicate that the brake line is being worn, and might be less reliable than it once was. If you hear any odd noises, make sure to bring your vehicle in as soon as possible. This can help to prevent any further issues from occurring. It can also help to increase the safety when you drive. Any noises that you might hear are a sign of an issue. It could also mean that parts are starting to wear and cause friction with one another. Vibrations against the brake pedal Another way to notice if there is an issue with the brakes is if there are vibrations against the brake pedal when you apply it. This could mean that the brake pads have been worn through and it is starting to wear onto the brake rotors. If the brake rotors go out, it could cause an accident when you are driving. Make sure to make an appointment to bring the vehicle in if you notice any type of vibrating pedal. We can inspect the brake line, as well as the brake pads and brake rotors. Having it inspected at the first sign of an issue can help to save you time, money, and stress in the long run. Other issues to look for There may also be some other indications of a brake problem. If you notice that the brake pedal is spongy when you press down, it could mean that the brakes are starting to wear and go out. If you smell anything out of the norm, it could be caused by friction of the parts. These parts could start to wear against one another and cause heat when they do. This will result in a burning smell. Having the brakes regularly maintained can help to prevent larger issues in the future when you drive.
March 10, 2014

Clear Visibility is Important when you Drive

Before driving, it is important to have the best visibility possible when traveling. This can help you to notice any issues that might be in the road. These could include objects or debris that may be in the path that you are driving on. Having the vehicle cleared off can also help others to see where you are. When driving in the winter, also make sure to take the necessary precautions that are needed for poor weather. If the roads or weather is less than ideal, make sure to adjust your driving accordingly. Normally you should leave at least three seconds between the vehicle in front of you, and yourself. If the weather is poor, this distance should be doubled or tripled. It is also important to go to regularly scheduled maintenances. The vehicle can be inspected over for any issue that it may have. Parts that are starting to wear or become damaged can be noticed. This can help keep your vehicle lasting as long as possible, as well as being reliable. Clearing off the vehicle properly The vehicle should be cleaned off before traveling. Removing as much snow and ice from it is important. If the vehicle is not cleared off, chunks of snow or ice could hit vehicles around you. If there is snow and ice on the hood of your vehicle, it could fly up and cause visibility problems as you drive. It could also have the risk of chipping or cracking the windshield. When you clear off the vehicle, also remember to scrape off all the ice, snow, and frost from all the windows of the vehicle, including the side mirrors. This can help to provide you with the best visibility possible as you drive. Check the lights regularly The lights of the vehicle will need to be inspected on a regular basis. Make sure to do so in a safe place out of the way of traffic. Make sure to check the headlights and the taillights. Not only do these help you to see, but also it can help others to see where you are. You should also walk around and check the blinkers on the vehicle. Blinkers are important because they can alert the vehicles around you of which way you are turning. This can also help to prevent an accident or rear-end collision. If you notice a bulb is out, make sure to bring the vehicle in and we can replace it for you. We can also inspect the lights and blinkers to ensure they are all working as effectively as they should be. The Windshield Wipers should also be checked Part of making sure the windshield is clean and clear is to have effective windshield wipers. If the blades have cracks or tears in them, they should be replaced as soon as possible. This could lead to the wipers not efficiently wiping the windshield clean. The wipers should also be checked so they are free of any snow or ice buildup. If the wipers are not clean, it could lead to scratches across the windshield because of the ice.
March 5, 2014

Why having the Oil Changed is Important

Having the oil changed can be one of the most important maintenances you can do for the vehicle. The oil should be changed on a regular basis. This helps to keep parts and components working as well as they should be. If you are unsure of how often the oil should be changed in the vehicle, bring it in. We can help to set up a schedule that is best for the vehicle. Regular maintenance is beneficial for the vehicle. It can help to keep it working as efficiently as it should be. It can also help to increase how long the parts last. If one part starts to wear out and is ignored, it could cause a larger issue to other parts. Regular maintenance can also help to provide a reliable vehicle to drive. Clean Oil helps the vehicle to run Efficiently Having new clean oil in the vehicle can help it to run efficiently. This is because the older dirty oil can be replaced with new clean oil. Debris and other contaminants would no longer be in the oil. This can help to have the vehicle run as effectively as possible when it operates. The clean oil will be able to lubricate parts and components like it should be. This can help the run as smoothly as possible. Having clean oil can also increase the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. It will be able to operate as smoothly as it can, without needing more power to operate parts affected by the dirty oil. The Engine can benefit from clean oil Having new clean oil in the vehicle can help to benefit the engine. Parts will be properly lubricated with the clean oil. This can help prevent any unnecessary friction or issues that may otherwise occur. If the parts operate without any oil, or oil that is dirty, it could cause them to wear out prematurely. This could result in an unexpected problem, or even a costly repair bill for your vehicle. Fixing a small issue early on can help prevent a larger one from forming later. It can also help to save on expensive repair costs in the future. Do not forget about the Oil Filter Besides having the oil changed, make sure to check the oil filter. This oil filter is important because it captures all the dirt, debris, and other contaminants that the oil might have in it. Over time, this oil filter will become clogged with the pollutants from the oil. Based on its condition, it will also need to be changed. We can inspect it at the same time we change the oil. That way if the oil filter needs to be changed, it will have new clean oil to go along with it. A clean oil filter can also help to benefit the efficiency of the vehicle. This is because it can help to provide the correct amount of oil to travel through the engine, while also providing the engine with clean oil. This can help to prevent friction or corrosion to other parts of the engine of the vehicle.