December 23, 2013

Ways to help get better fuel efficiency with your vehicle

A benefit for making sure the vehicle is maintained on a regular basis is that it can help save you money at the pump. A vehicle that is checked regularly can increase the chance that it will run at peak performance. It can also help consume less fuel. Bring your vehicle in and we can inspect it over. If there are any parts that have worn or been damaged, we can repair or replace them accordingly. This not only helps your vehicle, but it can also help to reduce time, worries, and stress. It can also help to prevent a costly repair bill. Between visits, always make sure you bring your vehicle in if you notice any issues with it. The tire pressure should be at the recommended amount One of the most important factors to improve fuel efficiency is having good quality tires. Having one tire that is below the recommended pressure can add a large amount of friction. It can also cause the vehicle to drag and cause poor fuel efficiency with it. Make sure to check the vehicle owner’s manual for the correct amount of tire pressure that is recommended. Also, the amount can be found on a sticker that is inside the driver’s door. This can help to ensure you have the proper amount of air pressure for the tires to travel safely and efficiently. Make sure the wheels are aligned The alignment for the wheels can also help to contribute to better fuel efficiency. Aligning the vehicle is also often overlooked. Unless the tires are visibly worn at an uneven amount, it may be hard to notice if the tires are in correct alignment. Bumps in the road or hitting curbs can cause poor alignment. Also try to avoid hitting potholes. Running over a pothole is usually the most common reason why the vehicle has bad alignment. Make sure to bring your vehicle in and we can check the alignment. This can also help to improve the fuel economy for your vehicle when you drive. Going to scheduled maintenances is important Engine oil that is overdue for a change can cause an increase of friction for the vehicle. Also, it may lead to the increase of wear and tear. These things can result in reduced fuel efficiency for the vehicle. Spark plugs can also cause inefficient combustion that leads to wasting fuel. Over time these things can add up and cost you more at the pump. It is important to bring your vehicle in for regular scheduled maintenances. This can help to have it inspected for any worn or damaged parts. It is always better to have a small issue fixed before it turns into a larger and more costly repair bill. Reducing your driving speed can help save on fuel The easiest way to help get better fuel efficiency is to alter your driving habits. Try to avoid hard accelerations. Also drive at the posted speed limit. Driving faster can cause poor fuel efficiency with your vehicle. Driving at the speed limit can also help you be safer on the road.
December 18, 2013

What to inspect on the vehicle before you travel

By following basic vehicle maintenance tips, you can help keep your vehicle running the best it can. It can also help save money on repair bills. This is because a small issue can be caught before it turns into a larger and more costly repair. Having a well maintained vehicle can also mean saving money at the pumps. A vehicle that is efficient can help save on fuel emissions. Have the tires inspected regularly The tires should have the air pressure checked on a regular basis. This is because a tire can lose one pound per square inch for every ten-degree decrease in temperature. You can find the recommended air pressure for your tires in the vehicle owner’s manual. This way you can help to prevent the tires from being under inflated or over inflated. The tires should also be inspected to ensure the tread is at the amount it should be. The tread helps to grip the road and provide better traction for the vehicle. The Oil should be checked and changed when recommended The oil for the vehicle should be checked often. The oil is what helps the engine to run properly as well as running efficiently. Oil that is old and dirty can cause issues to the engine and other moving parts of the vehicle. Make sure to follow the recommendations of when the oil should be changed. Also make sure there is enough oil in the reservoir. We can inspect the condition of the oil as well as change the oil when needed. We can also look at the oil filter to make sure it is in the best condition possible. Over time, the oil filter can become clogged from oil running through it as it catches pollutants and contaminates that might be in the oil. Having a clean oil filter can help to increase the chance of good clean oil going to the engine and other moving parts. Make sure to check the windshield wipers and wiper fluid The windshield is important to inspect. It should be free of any divots or cracks. These damages can lead to issues if they are not taken care of. The divots or cracks can obstruct an object that may be in the road. The wipers should also be inspected. Windshield wiper care is one of the most neglected car maintenances. Replace the blades every six to twelve months. It is also recommended to replace them whenever the rubber has become worn and damaged. Having good quality wipers can help keep the windshield clean. Also check to make sure the wiper fluid reservoir is topped off. This is especially important to do before you travel on long drives. Check the headlights and tail lights on the vehicle Make sure that the lights on your vehicle are working. Not only is this important for your visibility, but it is also so other people can see you. Having good working lights can help increase your field of vision when driving at night. You can also help to prevent an accident. Bring your vehicle in and we can check the headlights and tail lights for you.
December 9, 2013

Maintenance inspections are important for your vehicle

The vehicle should be inspected on a regular basis. We can also inspect the vehicle for any issues that it may have. If parts are wearing or have become damaged, they can be repaired or replaced in a timely manor. If you are uncertain of how often the vehicle should be brought in, we can help to set up a schedule for the vehicle. Between visits, if you notice anything out of the norm, make sure to bring the vehicle in as soon as you can. Check the fluids in the vehicle The antifreeze should be checked on a regular basis. This can help to prevent the engine and radiator from freezing up in the winter. It should be filled to the line indicated by the reservoir. If you are unsure if there is a proper amount of antifreeze for your vehicle, make sure to bring it in as soon as you can. We can inspect the vehicle and also check the antifreeze. We can check the amount, as well as the condition it is in. Also, we can help to recommend which antifreeze will be right for your vehicle. Also make sure to check the oil regularly. Low oil levels can lead to a significant problem for your vehicle. This is because it can do damage to the engine. The oil is the fluid that lubricates the engine and all moving parts to help the vehicle to run effectively and efficiently. The tires should be inspected regularly The vehicle’s tires are the only part that contacts the road’s surface. The quality of the tires is important. It can help with the drivability of vehicles, especially if the condition of the roads starts to get worse. The tread of the tires should be inspected regularly. By having adequate amount of tread, the vehicle can grip the roads better. This can help to prevent sliding or hydroplaning. The tire pressure should also be inspected. You will want to make sure that the tires are inflated to the amount that is specified in the vehicle owner’s manual or by a sticker just inside the driver’s door. Proper inflation can help to provide better fuel efficiency for your vehicle as well. Improve the visibility when you drive Before driving, make sure that the windshield is clean and cleared off. Ice and snow can build-up on the windshield quickly in the winter. By clearing off the windshield, you can help reduce the chance for an accident or issue. The windshield wipers should also be inspected to ensure the condition of them. If there are rips or tears, make sure the wipers are replaced as soon as possible. Wipers in good condition can help to ensure they clean the window effectively. It can also help improve the visibility as you drive. You can also bring in your vehicle in and we can inspect the windshield, wipers, and washer fluid for you. This way you can be aware of everything around you when driving.
December 2, 2013

Having the Serpentine Belt inspected

Most people know the importance and benefits of maintain their vehicle. While it is important to be aware and look at major components and parts yourself, it is also beneficial to bring your vehicle in to have it inspected by a professional. Having the vehicle inspected can help to ensure it runs as well as it is supposed to. One part that is commonly overlooked is the serpentine belt for the vehicle. By bringing your vehicle in, we can inspect the parts of the vehicle, including the serpentine belt, as well as other belts. What is a Serpentine Belt? A serpentine belt is a belt that runs through all major components of the vehicle. The serpentine belt runs differently depending on the vehicle’s make and model. The serpentine belt will transfer power through pulleys from the crankshaft of the engine. It also transfers power from any other component or pump that is mounted on the engine of the vehicle. For some vehicles, an idler pulley or a belt tensioner can also guide the serpentine belt for it to operate efficiently. How the Serpentine Belt works for the vehicle It is important to maintain and inspect the serpentine belt. This is because the belt connects through several of the major components of your vehicle. The serpentine belt also is a major factor for several important functions of the vehicle. One major component that relies completely on the serpentine belt is the alternator. When the alternator on the vehicle is not functioning, the battery cannot be charged. This can result in your vehicle not starting when you will need it. Also, the serpentine belt can affect other components such as the water pump, power steering, fans, and power brakes. Sometimes this can depend on the make and model of your vehicle because some power steering and fans run off of separate motors. If the water pump goes out, this can cause issues. This is because the water pump causes the coolant to stop flowing. The coolant is important because it is what helps to protect the engine from overheating and becoming damaged. The importance of the Serpentine Belt The serpentine belt is an important and crucial part to the function of your vehicle. It should always be kept up with proper regular maintenances. You can do a visual inspection of the serpentine belt to see how it is wearing. Noticing any wear can help make you aware for the possible need of the belt being replaced. Also make sure to have a professional inspect it, as they might notice something you have missed. The serpentine belt may show signs of wear by having more than three or four cracks per inch. If you notice the belt is frayed or missing pieces, the belt should be replaced as soon as possible. While the life of the serpentine belt varies from each make and model of vehicle, it is always important to make sure it is maintained and inspected. This can help ensure your vehicle can work the best it can.